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A bipartisan Independent Political Action Committee.
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Our community has been incredibly successful in various fields, including businesses, IT, science, medicine, education, and finance.
However, when it comes to the political arena, we are just getting started.
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Encouraging American Hindus to Be Part of the American Political Process
Who We Are
WE ARE more than 4 million Hindu Americans from every state and city working together to support candidates to elected offices to help protect, sustain, thrive, and realize the American Dream for millions of Hindus and Pro-Hindus in the USA.
We are the largest Hindu American SuperPAC
Who We Are
What We Do
WE ENCOURAGE the U.S. government and politicians to enact specific policies that protect and support a strong and thriving community of Hindu Americans and build a strong, enduring and mutually beneficial relationship with India for a brighter future.
A4H helped form the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist & Jain Congressional Caucus
What We Do
Who We Support
WE STAND with those who stand with Hindu Americans. We are the only bipartisan PAC that contributes resources directly to candidates who are pro-Hindus.
90% of candidates that we have supported have gone on to win the elections
Political Goals
Influence and support 200 election campaigns to get pro-Hindu candidates elected at local, state and federal levels.
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Community Initiatives
Encourage American Hindus to be part of the political process. Encourage Hindus to gain Citizenship, register to Vote, and get out to Vote to be counted. Increase youth participation in the political process.
A4H got the community together to oppose Hinduphobic California SB-403 bill
How Can We Help?
At Americans4Hindus, we aim to change that by raising awareness and advocating for Hinduism while recognizing our contributions to America.
Additionally, we aim to address our community’s concerns, including Hindu hate, Hinduphobia, immigration, education, the genocide of Bangladeshi Hindus and Kashmiri Pandits, and Indo-US relations.
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