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Encourage American Hindus to be part of political process
Today, Hindus have a minuscule presence in the political field. Americans4Hindus will find appropriate Hindu and Pro-Hindu candidates to be nurtured, supported, and funded for the elected positions at City, Schools, Counties, State and federal levels.
Americans4Hindus is organizing a Pan-USA Hindu Political Summit on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, in June. Many pro-Hindu congressmen and senators from across different ideologies are expected to participate.
Encourage Hindus to gain Citizenship, register to Vote and get out to Vote to be counted
Hindus significantly lag in being part of the political process. Americans4Hindus is driving a campaign to increase the awareness and importance of voting and getting our voices heard. Our candidates lose by single or double-digit votes in several cases. These instances highlight the need and opportunity for us to take action and make a difference.
Increase youth participation
Americans4Hindus offers an initiative to encourage our youth to seek internships at public, civic and political offices and become interested in policy-making. Such initiatives are the only way to create a sustainable influence and protect our way of life.
Americans4Hindus aims to support 100 members of Congress and senators in the upcoming 2024 elections. This calls for over $1,000,000 in political contributions. Our lofty goal will firmly establish a strong Hindu voice on Capitol Hill. We need help to accomplish this important work. We rely on the support of generous donors like you to make a difference in the lives of Hindus in the US. We run our organization entirely based on volunteers, and almost 100% of your donations will go toward achieving the Hindu cause.
Please join us in this important cause by donating to Americans4Hindus today. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference and helps us to achieve our goals. Together, we can positively impact the lives of Hindus in the US and ensure our community is represented in the political process.
Public Outreach
Hindus significantly lag in being part of the political process. Americans4Hindus is driving a campaign to increase the awareness and importance of voting and getting our voices heard. There are several cases where our candidates lose by single or double-digit votes. These instances highlight the need and opportunity for us to make a difference.
Social Media Campaign
WE ENCOURAGE the U.S. government and politicians to enact specific policies that protect and support a strong and thriving community of Indian Americans, and in the process build a strong, enduring and mutually beneficial relationship with India for a brighter future.
Donor Outreach
By becoming a donor, you become a vital force for good, contributing to the transformative initiatives that define our commitment to creating a brighter world for Hindus in America. Explore the myriad ways you can engage with Hindu causes and be a catalyst for positive change. Turn your dollars into positive action for the community.
Youth Internship
Devoted to empowering the next generation, this initiative offers young minds a unique opportunity to engage in impactful projects dedicated to Hindu causes. Through hands-on experiences and mentorship, our interns not only contribute to the advancement of important initiatives but also cultivate a deep understanding of the  Hindu causes.
Candidate Research
We specialize in comprehensive and thorough research on potential candidates, providing Hindu American voters with valuable insights to make the best choices for the community. Our dedicated team delves into each candidate's background, skills and stance, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about candidates.
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